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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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C.  Costs,Benefits, and Effectiveness

StudentsServed; In FY 1984 about 2.2 million children in 3,000 communities
received books through the RIF program and the efforts of more than 100,000
volunteers, (E.I)

Benefits Provided: In FY 1984 about 7 million books were distributed. Since
"1976", the program has distributed almost 58 million books. (E.I)

A 1980 study found that the program was enthusiastically supported by school
personnel, parents, volunteers, and sponsoring community agencies. Respondents
reported their beliefs that the program was the only source of books most
participating children had in their homes, that it stimulated greater parental
involvement in their children's reading, and that it had beneficial impacts
on school-community and school-parent relations (E.2). Department staff judge
the portrayal to still be fairly accurate.

D.  Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation

E.  Supporting Studies and Analyses Cited in Section C Above

1.  Annual Reports of RIF, Inc., to the Department's Office of Elementary
and Secondary Education.

2.  An Evaluation of the Right-to-Read Inexpensive Book Distribution Program,
General Research Corporation, McLean, Virginia, October, 1980.

F.  Other Supporting Data


No further studies related to this program are planned.

Contacts for Further Information

Program operations: Kay Henry, (202) 472-7960

Program studies: Carol Chelemer, (202) 245-9401TO GEPA 417(a)